Dryline Super Slim Steel 7

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New Zealand Design Registration 431154

The Dryline Super Slim Steel 7 comprises two Powder Coated Steel end frames which are notched to carry the lathes. The laths are screwed down onto the end frames to form a secure unit. The laths can be fixed at any point onto the end frames, enabling the end frames to be inline with the pulleys, ensuring that the pulley ropes remain vertical.

The seven wooden laths are made from NZ grown finger jointed pine. Finger jointed is used, as opposed to straight runs of timber ,because there is far less chance of them bending or twisting, they are free of knots or resins, so no staining of clothes.

All of our laths are machined to a standard size,then hand sanded to a super smooth finish. The laths are left in their natural state.


Total Drying length 12.6 meters.

2 x Powder Coated  Steel end frames, 600mm wide

7 x finger jointed pine laths, 1.8 meters long, sanded to a super smooth finish, can be cut back to any length.

9 meter length, of 5mm polyester marine grade lifting rope, made by Fineline Marine NZ



Complete pulley system, comprising one double, and one single pulley, cleat and screws.

Full fitting instructions

28 day full refund

6 year product warranty


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