About Dryline Drying Racks

Providing a quality range of drying racks, clothes lines & clothes airers 

Dryline Drying Racks are based on a proven concept, designed by the Victorians, and have been in use for over two hundred years, modified over time, but the idea remains the same.  Sometimes known as traditional pulley clothesline airers, or just clothes airers, they all work on the same principle of drying your clothes on a suspended ceiling drying rack. It is a simple operation. The rack is lowered to a convenient height for you to load the clothes onto, then raised up to the ceiling height, so it’s out of the way, enabling your clothes to dry naturally in the warm air trapped beneath the ceiling. No tumble dryer costs, and reduced electricity bills.

At Dryline Drying Racks, we offer the most comprehensive range of suspended ceiling clothes line drying racks in New Zealand. We started producing our drying racks around 5 years ago. Our first drying rack, the Oak-Pine 5-Lath, was an immediate success on Trade Me, since then we have introduced 10 additional styles, each one having its own merits, making them suitable for different situations, in the home or other environment. 

Our Victorian range goes one better than the old concept of producing the end frames from cast iron.  Using Laser technology, we cut our end frames from 8mm steel plate, which makes the end frames much stronger, being cut to an accurate tolerance, makes lath replacement a simple operation. The Oak-Pine range uses either Oak or Ash as an alternative for their end frames, both being noted for their strength and durability.

We also introduced the Combo range in both oak and mahogany end frames, being a great seller on TradeMe, the Combo range is also manufactured with steel end frames. Last year we introduced, an all Stainless Steel unit, being the first choice for outside applications, which has also been a top seller on TradeMe. 

Since we first started manufacturing, we have sold thousands of hanging drying racks, with a 100% success rate on TradeMe. We quote TradeMe ‘a great achievement’, which we deserve and are proud of it.  Nothing pleases us more when we receive great feedback from you for ideas on a new design. And it is our commitment to you, to continue to provide 100% satisfaction from any of our products you buy from us at Driline Drying Racks.


Why buy a Dryline Drying Rack?

  • Huge range of clothes drying racks to select from, one to suit every situation.
  • No more drying damp clothes in front of the fire with risk of an accident.
  • Makes efficient use of the warm air trapped beneath the ceiling, dries your clothes naturally and quickly.
  • Simple to operate: lower the rack, load it up, and hoist it away. Forget about it and let it do the drying for you.
  • No sun damage or bleaching to delicate fabrics, no shrinking, and extends the life of your clothes.
  • No need to keep an eye on the weather, no more pegging washing out, then having to bring damp washing back in again.
  • No more tripping over free standing clothes airers.
  • A simple and effective alternative to the tumble dryer, continuously saving you money week after week on your electricity bill, and helps to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.
  • Operational costs are zero, dry your washing for free.