Frequently Asked Questions

What are the wooden laths made from?

Our wooden laths are made from NZ-grown finger-jointed pine. Pine is the first choice, and has been for centuries, being light yet strong. Finger-jointed is used as opposed to straight runs, because there is a far less chance of bending or twisting. All of our laths are machined to a standard size, then hand-sanded to a super-smooth finish, the wood is left in its natural state.

Will the wooden laths stain my washing?

No. The knots and areas of excess resin in finger-jointed pine are removed, so it won’t stain your clothes.

Is the system difficult to install?

It’s very easy to install, and we can say that because that’s what our customers tell us.

A full set of instructions are included, and we are always at hand to give any advice both before you buy and during installation.

What tools do I need to install it?

You will need an electric drill with a 5mm drill bit for the pulley screws and a 3mm drill bit for the cleat screws, screw bit or screwdriver, and a tape measure.

Can the wooden laths be reduced in length?

Yes, to whatever length you need, at no extra charge.

If I place all of the clothes on one side, will it tip?

Yes, all the clothes drying racks of this design will do this. It’s best to start from the middle and work outwards, you will soon get the idea. 

If I accidentally drop one of the Victorian Range end frames onto a hard surface, will it break?

No, our Victorian end frames are not made from cast iron (which breaks easily). Our end frames are laser cut from 8mm thick steel plate, so they will not break if dropped.

If I accidentally break a lath, can it be replaced?

We have sold thousands of these and never had one of our laths break, but if you break one we will replace it for you.